Here we keep you up to date with all the latest news about the Ukraine Haus project.

01.10.2023: The "Ukraine House" becomes IBB shared accommodation

The Ukraine Haus in Bessemerstraße in Berlin-Tempelhof, located in the former retirement home building, was originally founded as an initial reception center by the non-profit association "Ukraine Haus e.V." and was transferred to the responsibility and administration of the Internationaler Bund - IB Berlin-Brandenburg in September 2023 as shared accommodation for refugees. Internationalen Bunds – IB Berlin-Brandenburg über.

01.01.2023: New Year's update

With your help we were able to provide basic supplies on the second floor of the Ukraine Haus building. Currently, we are working on making further floors ready to move in. We have set ourselves the goal of repairing and equipping a total of up to 125 living rooms, kitchens and sanitary facilities in the Ukraine Haus building.

29.11.2022: Update from Ukraine Haus

The Ukraine House in Berlin has been in operation for over half a year now. Currently, about 50 refugees from Ukraine live in the former retirement home on Bessemer Street.

Thanks to the great help of our supporters, we have already been able to completely furnish several floors with living rooms, communal kitchens and sanitary facilities.

We continue to ask for your help, especially with regard to furnishing living spaces with beds, chests of drawers and refrigerators.

You can find more information about donation options here.

13.11.2022: Throwback Teltowkanal Half Marathon - 1.000 € raised for Ukraine Haus

Last Sunday the Teltowkanal Half Marathon took place. This year, the charitable commitment of the run was directed to the aid project Ukraine Haus in Berlin. Every relay kilometer run was donated to support the Ukraine Haus e.V..

In sunny autumn weather, Ukraine Haus participated with more than 50 runners in 9 half-marathon relay teams and bambinis. In total, 1.000 € in donations were collected for the association.

We would like to thank all participants, sponsors and organizers of the 17th Teltowkanal Half Marathon.

16.10.2022: Charity Run - Run for the Ukraine Haus project at the 17th Teltowkanal Half Marathon

After a 2-year corona break, the Teltowkanal Half Marathon will take place for the 17th time on November 6, 2022.

This year, the charitable commitment of Teltowkanal Half Marathon focuses on the accommodation and support of Ukrainian refugees in our aid project Ukraine Haus in Berlin.

Your participation in the Teltowkanal Half Marathon directly supports Ukraine Haus in Berlin. As every kilometer run by each participating half marathon relay team will be donated to Ukraine Haus e.V. The half marathon distance of 21.1 km can be run together in respective relay teams made up by any number of team members or individually.

In addition, children between 3 and 7 years old can participate in the Bambini run over 800 m and set a sign of solidarity.

To register for the run, please send an email to or call our contact person, Mr. Tornike Beradze, at the mobile number +49 159 01 66 64 96 by 25.10.22 .

.Please provide the following information:

  • First name and last name
  • Year of birth
  • personal running distance ( up to 21,1 km per runner )
  • If you have already formed a relay group or would like to register additional runners, please include their registration information as well.

You can find more information about the Teltowkanal Half Marathon here:

zweite Pressekurzmitteilung 17. Teltowkanal Halbmarathon

Schedule Half Marathon 2022

28/08/2022: New website in German and in English is online

Our new website is online. Now, you can choose between German and English as the website's language.

07/08/2022: Update from Ukraine Haus

In the building Bessemerstrasse 78 in Berlin-Tempelhof of the Kuthe group, whose use as a retirement home had expired on December 31, 2021, the spatial conditions were created so that 40 people from Ukraine were able to find temporary accommodation here so far.

In addition to the necessary cleaning, maintenance and repair work, conversion work was also carried out, such as the creation of communal kitchens, including the new required piping. New refrigerators were purchased. An appeal for donations via the Bechstein social media network was made in order to collect furniture for the residents' rooms, in particular beds and mattresses, linen, crockery and much more, so that the residents can also provide for themselves for the time being.

In addition, support was organized by the International Federation (IB) to assist the newcomers in their dealings with the authorities and at other levels of social integration.

31/07/2022: Reconstruction of the website: English version and association membership

We are currently working flat out on integrating new features on the website. In particular, we will make the website available in other languages, initially in English.

Furthermore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to become a member of our association, Ukraine Haus e.V., in order to become an active participant in this project.

25/06/2022: Foundation of the non-profit association Ukraine Haus e.V.

With the founding of Ukraine Haus e.V., we are formalizing our commitment in the form of a nonprofit registered association.

01/05/2022: First residents move into the Ukraine House building 

The first 15 people have moved into the Ukrainian House in Berlin. The living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor have already been fully equipped with your help. This week, two communal kitchens will be installed, which can be used by the residents of the 25 rooms on the second floor. Our next goal is to finish furnishing the second floor and successively the entire house so that the remaining rooms can be occupied by refugees.

12/04/2022: Website launch

On our new website, respectively, we keep supporters and residents up to date about current events around the Ukraine Haus project in Berlin.

16/03/2022: C. Bechstein donation appeal

German manufacturer and dealer of pianos and grand pianos, C. Bechstein, together with its sister company, the Kuthe Group, is calling for donations in kind for the Ukraine Haus project on its website: